Interesting Perspective on

Interesting Perspective on

With so much news and coverage of the roll-out of the site, I found this post interesting. It’s from our friends at Octo Consulting Group. Technology is often blamed, but more often the problems are much deeper.

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The roll out of the federal health exchange under the Affordable Care Act has been a huge mess. This story from the Post about the combination of poor planning and political factors puts the entire mess in perspective. However, it appears the “tech surge” team working on stabilizing the site has made some good progress over the past weeks in their efforts to make the site more stable, user friendly and frankly usable. There has also been no shortage of opinions and perspectives on the failure of Many of the posts and articles seem to point fingers at issues with government procurement and lack of accountability, while other posts suggest that using Agile techniques or bringing in the sharpest minds from silicon valley could have been the answer. I couldn’t help but think about this from the perspective of an architect, having been part of development and deployment of many systems myself. I am not sure if using Agile or engaging other smarter minds would have fixed the problem as the issues seem to be very fundamental…

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