Energy solutions for the 21st century

Outcomes Matter

Whether you are Integrating state-of-the-art energy technologies into existing architectures, designing new systems in developing regions, introducing new processes to enhance energy-system resilience, or ensuring your energy system is secure and able to survive in an all-hazards environment, the solutions needed to achieve the desired results are unique.  Achieving the proper energy balance to satisfy current and future energy demand while maintaining system-wide resiliency requires deep analytical process to create a structured and comprehensive scoping leading to cost efficient and operationally effective energy systems.

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Sustainable Energy

Reliable, sustainable and clean energy is the force multiplier in both emerging and growing economies. Internationally or domestically, energy systems need to be optimized for the unique hazards, threats, and conditions in which they must operate to maintain economic stability.  To achieve this, we apply the latest advances in science, engineering, and technology coupled with our unique access to low cost capital, highly trained workforce, transparent business processes, public-private partnerships, and sustainable policies to ensure a scalable and sustainable energy path to the future.

Reliable – Survivable – Resilient

Reliable systems perform necessary functions under “normal” conditions and requires the knowledge of critical system features, components, and operating practices that must be secured or improved to enable a more reliable energy system.

Survivable/Secure systems withstand or mitigate the effects of a disruptive incident (physical or cyber) through structured and effective processes and procedures meant to detect intrusion and limit physical and/or cyber access to a facility as well as response actions and protocols meant to immediately contain the impact of the incident.

Resilient systems quickly resume normal operations following an incident and builds upon the elements of reliability and survivability to enable the development of a comprehensive package of potential upgrades or redesign solutions resulting in the desired end-state: a reliable, survivable, and resilient energy system.

Global Capabilities

Policy Assessments

Strategy development begins with a thorough review and understanding of existing applicable laws, regulations, policies and other governing documents and directives. Equally as critical to understanding current policy is assessing gaps in those policies that will have a negative impact on strategy implementation. Introducing new and appropriate policy changes will ensure a more sound and executable strategy.

Technology Validation

Third party validation is crucial to ensure that the product being developed, purchased, or utilized will perform as required in the operational environment for which it was designed. Integrating the latest technology into aging energy systems presents challenges and introduces unintended consequences and other cascading effects that could render “new” technology ineffective or even destructive.

Investment Due Dilligence

Defining the specific actions (buying, selling, evaluating, etc) to achieve a particular milestone or result can be challenging. Decisions are sometimes made without the insight, knowledge, and understanding of potential pitfalls or cascading effects and therefore an exhaustive effort must be made…up front…to empower decision makers to mitigate lost revenue and enable well-informed decisions.

Risk Management

The risks associated with achieving a reliable, survivable, and resilient energy system are plenteous and ever changing. Our team incorporates our vast experience to analyze and assess system vulnerabilities and work with our partners to mitigate those vulnerabilities and enhance overall energy security through System Analysis, Design, Planning, Operations, Maintenance, Training, Exercising, Regulatory and Legislative Compliance, and Governance.

Project Implementation

Energy systems, innovative technologies, and data management systems do not operate in a “stand-alone” environment but rather are integral to other systems, architectures and societal sectors (agriculture, education, healthcare, banking/finance, etc). This diversity requires a structured and integrated approach to increase operational efficiency, drive down costs and increase the return on investment.

Advisory Board

Achieving a reliable, survivable, and resilient energy system is a national imperative and requires a seasoned, committed, and globally diverse team. Deploying the best solutions requires employing proven experts with operational experiences across private and public sector policies, strategies, and execution.

Who We Serve

Domestic and International Federal and Tribal governments, Commissions and Regulators

Electric, Gas, Oil, Water, and Renewable

Government, NGOs, Sovereign Funds, Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms


We serve as “trusted advisors” to growth minded leaders seeking to harness the untapped potentials of their mission. Successful outcomes are directly related to a well refined strategy that is effectively aligned with properly organized operations and execution team.


Our Execution Assurance™ team continues where consulting firms leave off. We work hand in hand with clients to effectively execute their strategies to maximize their potentials in achieving desired outcomes.


A well integrated Capital Strategy™ will provide higher level of success. We assist clients through capitalization life-cycles; equity, debt, M&A, and restructuring.