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Government Reform Progress

Economic Development Opportunities

Arseniv Yatsenyuk

Ukraine Prime Minister

(27 Feb 2014 - 14 Apr 2016)

Sept 22, 2016 | One United Nations Plaza New York, NY, 10017

Program Highlights

By Invitation Only: This inaugural event is designed to provide participants deep insights into Ukraine, facilitate business opportunities, and provide a venue for several other invited countries’ leaders to build relationship with Ukraine and its future prospects. To allow for an exclusive and stimulating conversation we are extending invitation to only a select few to enjoy an intimate dinner event.

Ukraine has been going through dramatic changes since the fall of the Iron Curtain and regaining its independence 25 years ago.

The political system changed from a Russian and Communist controlled dictatorship for 75 years to a post-Soviet political system with strong Russian influence for two decades before a new democratic system emerged after the Maidan and Revolution of Dignity two years ago.  Since then Ukraine has been dealing with a Russian occupation of Crimea and military aggression into Ukraine’s Donbas…

While there has been so much political changes and challenges over the past 2 decades Ukraine has been gradually moving from a Socialist economic model to a free market economic system. Government run services and capital assets are being transitioned into the private sector.  The Ukrainian Government is attracting foreign capital and talent while encouraging its citizens to transition from Government jobs to entrepreneurship with high tech startups and other types of small businesses.  At the same time Ukraine is going through a major infrastructure development program and restructuring of its government agencies and business model to provide better services to its citizens, increase the tax base and decrease Government spending.  Several large international economic development organizations and banks are collaborating with the Ukrainian Government to enable this economic transition.

There is an excellent opportunity for individuals, corporations, nonprofit agencies and the academic community on the global scene to come to Ukraine and create collaborations.  Ukraine has a highly literate population, rich in mineral and agriculture, advanced scientific and information technology skill set and a vast opportunity for growth.  The Government of Ukraine is creating lucrative incentives for people in a variety of industry verticals to invest their time, money and resources in the country for a long term mutual benefit. In this talk the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk will discuss:

  • Economic and political transition
  • Update on the current situation
  • Opportunities for collaboration, investment and joint development in key economic sectors (energy, healthcare, infrastructure, academia, telecom)
  • Success stories of international cooperation that has led to mutually beneficial consequences
  • Guidance to foreign entities and individuals to engage in current opportunities

The Prime Minister will also provide examples of success stories of international cooperation that has led to mutually beneficial consequences and provide some guidance on how foreign entities and individuals can take advantage of the current opportunities to generate profit and goodwill.

It is our distinct pleasure to host this private dinner.  The presence of the selected distinguished guests in this informative dialogue will create a stimulating discussion to explore ways in which you can offer your capabilities, resources and business acumen to Ukraine as it transitions into a free market economy and provide a stable, safe and prosperous future for its citizens.

Event:  Program during the 71st UN General Assembly week.  The program is designed to create a “safe space” to openly discuss “Ukraine: Government Reform Progress, Economic Development Challenges and Opportunities”.

Date and Time:  September 22, 2016 — 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Location:  New York City – United Nations; One UN Building

Guest of Honor:  Former Prime Minister Arseniv Yatsenyuk will be the honored guest. He will address the audience on the challenges experienced in reforming the government of Ukraine followed by Q&A.

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